We help Lao farmers grow and sell high-quality, organic sacha inchi seeds.

Sacha inchi, or Inca nut plants grow excellently on the ancient hills of Luang Prabang, Laos. At Radtanaphon Farm, we contract small-scale farmers in the local villages to cultivate this highly nutritious crop using all-natural and organic methods. This is why every single seed you purchase from us comes with a firm guarantee in quality and consistency.


[Dehulled] 100% Raw, Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds

Without shell (white), vacuum-packed

We only pick the best seeds suitable for high-yield edible and cosmetic oil pressing or whole-nut food preparation.

  • 1 kg per pack (or flexible bulk sizes)
  • Vacuum-packed to ensure freshness
  • Grade-A quality after professional inspection
  • Shelf life: 1 year

[With Shell] 100% Raw, Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds

Seeds with shell (black), grade A quality, loose-packed

The life of a sacha inchi plant begins here. Our seeds with shell are perfectly suitable for organic planting.

  • 25 kg per carton (or flexible bulk sizes)
  • Grade-A quality after professional inspection
  • Shelf life: 1 year

Why Sacha Inchi?

Native to tropical South America, the health benefits of sacha inchi or Inca nut (P. volubilis) are today scientifically proven. Every single sacha inchi seed that our farmers harvest is rich in omega-3 fatty acid; vitamins A and E; protein; and fiber. 

Relatively new to the global consumer market, sacha inchi has exceeded nutritionists’ expectations with flying colors, and has since joined the likes of chia seeds and microalgae as vegan superfoods.

Sacha inchi’s broad array of proven health benefits include cholesterol regulation, weight loss, diabetes prevention, vision improvement, and brain development especially among children.

More than just a sacha inchi farm, we are a human-driven collective.

Radtanaphon Farm is 100% by and for Lao, and we are proud of that. Our story goes back to March 2018, where we began engaging local smallholder farmers in Luang Prabang, Laos to organically cultivate high-quality sacha inchi plants in Ban Chok (literally ‘Rice Village’).

At the grassroots level, we do more than just contract farming. With a strong commitment to quality and consistency in supply, we provide our farmers extensive training, community building, market linkage, and a proactive support system — thanks to our partnership with the Faculty of Agriculture at the local, prestigious Souphanouvong University. Because of this, today we are able to reward our farmers with up to 80% higher buyback price, uplifting their livelihoods in the process.

Our inspirations come from the farmers we work with. It is their resilience despite the hardship that has since shaped our vision for fair trade and sustainable community development.


People asked why I continued growing sacha inchi in my farm despite the price suppression, I just replied that I don’t believe in giving up.

Mr. Ounheaun

Many big multinationals are making it harder for us to sell our produce at a fair price. They should never underestimate our overheads.

Mr. Don

Chemical fertilizers are scary as they take their time before diseases hit us. I never use them at all. We never had the need to do so.

Mr. Bounyang






A joint venture with our Malaysian partners from Kebun Kota

Established since 2008, Kebun Kota (literally ‘City Farm’ in Malay) is an expert in urban farming technology. Today, we work with entrepreneurs at Kebun Kota to bring about a more cohesive Southeast Asia.

We collaborate with academic and research institutions across borders to make sure that we give you the best.

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